Travel Resumes after Covid?

So is travel resuming or not after Covid?

It’s hard to predict and depends on where you live. I have to admit I travelled into the Republic of Ireland as soon as permitted (and because I’m fully vaccinated) but I might have been slower to travel if I hadn’t had the jab just yet or if there was a risk to those I visited.

Just before announcements were made in NI, I had made a tentative plan to visit Spain at the start of June and made flight arrangements, but things shifted quickly and my planned flights were cancelled three times. In the end, I just took the refund. Thanks, Easyjet!

When will I next see a Qantas plane?!

BUT!! Things are looking up for the wannabe travel enthusiast, if slowly… Travel from Northern Ireland to GB is opening up from later in May 2021 and I have arrangements to visit London and Chelmsford in the UK to catch up with work colleagues and friends, in safe and approved locations. To be honest, I can’t wait. I’ve been at home (like everyone) a LOT but as I live on my own, it will be nice to see other faces!

I think we are all conscious of variants of concern and the risk that things might shut down again, even temporarily. And we must be thoughtful as we do so because we are so privileged in certain countries to be vaccinated, when so many are not.

Travel is a big part of my overall health: physical and mental, so I won’t apologise for wanting to be back on the road, even if it is in a very restricted and moderated way. At the same time, I don’t want anyone vulnerable to be at risk. Each of us has to make decisions, within the health guidelines and political guidelines, about how to proceed.

That said, plans are slowly unfurling: check out my upcoming visits page which has just been updated. I’m hoping to add visits to France and the US later this year that were cancelled in 2020. But let’s see!

Looking forward to sunshine in Spain again!

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