Los Angeles: Fabric Shopping and THE Haircut

I am right at the end of a wonderful trip to Los Angeles and haven’t had a moment to write any blogs, so you’re getting a bunch of these in the next couple of days!

My way of dealing with jet lag? Spend your first morning going fabric shopping! I’ve been making two or three quilts in the run-up to Christmas, and my bigger pieces of fabric for backings or consistency are running down (only the tiniest bit!).

Last time I was in LA, I visited Michael Levine, which is in the fabric/garment district of downtown and this time, I heard there was a major sale on! The most I spent per yard was $6, and even that had a further 30% off!

The following were just a few of the yard-cuts that I bought. I was stocking for myself and my niece, who recently took up quilting.

Michael Levine does much more than quilting cottons and it can seem daunting when you first go in. I was looking for navy blue and green so I kept my search pretty narrow.

I wanted to see if there was much of a sale in Joann, which is more of a chain fabrics/crafts shop, so I found the nearest one which was in Glendale, an area in the foothills of the mountains that I’d never visited before.

This bag had to come home with me for something or other!

However, I didn’t find much else, just a couple of small items – the items on sale were not to my taste.

With just half an hour to spare, I made my way to Melrose Avenue to Harper Salon, where my friend James works and for a bit of a hairdo. There’s a really cool pink wall on the adjacent block at the Paul Smith building which people flock to for Instagram pictures as the pink makes skin tone pop. I think the pink and blue contrast is fantastic all on its own!

James soon had me underway – the shocked look is the jet lag kicking in!

I soon got into the swing of it all and James did more than a bit of a transformation. He’s a complete wizard with hair and you should go to him immediately if you’re in the LA area!

I always struggle with what products to use as my hair is so light and ultra straight (cough). What remains of it! James had some recommendations for much lighter products than I’d used before and I couldn’t believe how much better everything looked at the end. I was resigned to the same old haircut and products. Just thrilled!

What a great start to my LA adventure!

Patrick xo