National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

You might have noticed my obsession with galleries, museums, art and other cultural extravaganzas.  I needed a few hours out of my crunchy room at the Ibis Swanston, and a bit of a walk in the 28 degree heat!

Luckily, the National Gallery of Victoria was on a direct path to the food court at Melbourne Central and I fancied a healthy lunch of chicken salad with bright green coconut rice! So far on this trip, this has been the nicest lunch!


Melbourne has a lot of historic buildings, including the cathedral (below)…


…and Flinders Street Station, which could be in central London, bar the flawless sky.


After lunch, my walk took me over the Yarra river, where a few industrious souls were out in their boats.


The view the other way on the bridge might have been more inviting, if it were not for the extensive roadworks.


The students of Geelong College were out in force.  A girls’ school, perhaps?


The theatre is next door to the gallery and – at first – I thought they were one and the same building.  Imagine my surprise at seeing Daniel’s visage staring down at the denizens of Melbourne!


Alas no, it was Escher that I could see, or the permanent collections at the Gallery.


The atrium is quite impressive if a little brutalist.


I seem exceptionally happy. I’ll take that!


This stunning ceiling of stained glass is an impressive non-religious installation and is the largest stained glass ceiling in the world, by Simon Fieldhouse (click here for more details).


The chap in the pic below was called Charles and he was a local guide.


As Charles was going back over galleries that I had already visited, I took myself outside with my bullet journal to write up that day’s entry. There was a beautiful space outside the gallery with some sculptures in the garden.


The shop was impressive but had little to attract me (sadly, no quality magnets!)


Back across the river in time to get changed for the theatre that evening, Bianca del Rio. An update on that is coming tomorrow!


I can see I’m starting to fade in the heat! Maybe a quick  nap?


Look at all these happy people pottering around on a sunny Friday afternoon! There was a wedding coming out of that cathedral as well!