Sydney Library (State Library NSW)

The Airbnb I stayed at in Sydney was ‘sub-optimal’ (=crap) and had an equally rubbish internet connection, so I was on the look-out for a place to do a little work and access the interwebs. You’ve already guessed it that I sought out my favourite place to visit, a library! It’s exciting being 45, you have to know that.


As the Melbourne library (really, the State Library of Victoria, click here) was in an old building, it seemed likely that the Sydney one would be too.


Once I got past the sign, I spotted that all visitors were being directed into a newer building next door.


Reading rooms are usually where there is study space, so I hovered over to the information desk sharpish.


Yes, there was free wifi and study desks available in the Reading Room on the lower ground floor.


The space was very well designed and maintained a light atmosphere despite being in the basement.


It looked pretty busy when I got there shortly after lunch.


I managed to find a space and after a few hours (from 2 to 6.30pm, which passed in a flash!), it was still busy!  The internet connection was fantastic – running around 20 megabloops.


I liked this place so much, and wanted to escape from the Airbnb so much, that I came back to it three times.  It is worth seeing for the galleries and the excellent bookshop at the very least!