Bondi Beach

Here’s a larf for you.  I was prepping for a trip out to Bondi Junction and Bondi Beach, when who should appear on da telly, except Bobby Fox, he of Riverdance – the Lagan Company – I think he was only 16 when he joined us in Year Two of the the Lagan.

I knew he was having success in Oz, well here he was being interviewed for his part in Grease – the Musical, opening a Sydney run. Good man!


So here’s the downlow. A lot of Irish and British people live in Bondi when they go to Sydney, as it’s a big suburb with a big variety of cost.  There’s really at least two Bondis – Bondi Junction and Bondi Beach.


The junction is a big transport hub where trains and buses interconnect and has a ton of shops, not least a huge Westfield shopping centre. I needed a little Gutterman action (that’s thread, for the uninitiated) and Spotlight was just the ticket.

Inside, a gay man who had shaved and tattoed his entire skull, was berating an elderly (75+) shop assistant who was ringing up orders at the till for taking somebody out of order, while he had been swivelling on his thong looking up and down the shop.  I wanted to give him a slap, but feared that he might have a secret pair of pinking shears with which he would take me down.


After a quick bite of lunch, I hopped aboard the 333 to Bondi Beach. Now the beach is VERY touristy, usually packed and you love it or hate it.


On this day, it wasn’t SO busy, but you do need to get down to the water from the bus stop in your thongs and togs.


What a fantastic day! I paused to top up the suncream but look at that indigo sky! So gorgeous.


The water is crystal blue.


This is one view up the beach…


And the other direction…


There were lots of surfers taking to the waves and – with Mardi Gras in town that weekend – the tiny shorts were out in force!


I mean, it’s touristy, but you have to go, don’t you?!