A short ode to an Irish summer (an Insta hit!)

The vagaries of social media sometimes pass me by despite my love of all things tech and gear. Years after ‘stories’ became a thing, I’ve finally worked out that they are fun to use and was astonished when someone on Facebook commented on an Instagram post. I hadn’t paid enough attention to see that my Insta stories cross-post to Facebook. Sure it’s all craic to be had!

Meanwhile, I visited Warrenpoint and Carlingford Lough last weekend. That’s not that new for me as I live about 2 miles from this beauty spot of, I have to say it, international standards. It’s really gorgeous. I hadn’t taken the drone out since I was in Iceland in June 2021, so it was time to get practicing a little more with that kind of photography.

I have a longer video coming on this at some point (when I get some time to edit it!). But I jumped into Final Cut and put together this less than a minute video and re-cut a portrait version for Insta.

I tried it make it very me and so I recorded a very short take of The Flower of Maherally, a song I know from my years spent with the Irish choral group, Anúna.

I was delighted to see that a few hundred people on Twitter and Facebook watched it and I got a few comments.

But when I posted it on Instagram Reels, the view count jumped to nearly 9,000 within 30 minutes! Wow! I’m learning with these things all the time. But rather than design content to fit the platform (perhaps foolishly!), I’ll keep on making things that Iove… enjoying travel, music and poetry and if that love is shared, the views and conversations will come.

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