Secret Castle: Big Wood, Warrenpoint, N Ireland

I have been walking a little-known trail between Newry and Warrenpoint in County Down for the past couple of months. It gets traffic only from hikers, ambitious dog-walkers and mountain and trail bikers making the most of the steep slopes, great trails and slippy downhill tracks.

Folly in Big Wood

Imagine my shock when out of the tree line appeared a partially-ruined castle! Recently, workers have been clearing back some of the undergrowth and there it was! Giving meaning to the claims of Ireland’s mysterious past!

This is less a castle and more a large ‘folly’, associated with the Hall Family who have lived at Narrow Water Keep and then Castle since 1670 and which is nearby close to Warrenpoint, and Carlingford Lough.

Well, enough typing, why not have a look at the Folly on my latest Travel Vlog by clicking below: