I don’t mean to ‘drone’ on…! Iceland from above

The travel events on this blog might appear very slightly out of sequence. They will be, a little. As I write, it strikes me that it might be helpful to publish a little itinerary with links to each blog and video that accompanies it. I’ll add that to my long list of ‘to dos’!

Here’s the thing… I want to film and show you as much as possible. Iceland is staggeringly beautiful and my take will be how I sense it. Experiencing it, capturing tasters and editing them takes time, but it’s so exciting to do. I’ll be sharing videos and blogs during my 11 day trip AND for a couple of weeks beyond. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them.

If you do watch on YouTube, subscribe there and press the bell for notifications. It’s free and will let you know when I have something new out. The best way to find out what’s happening… live (so to speak) is on Instagram. And I will always have thoughts and reflections in a more writerly fashion here on the main Planet Patrick blog (you can follow here too by adding your email in the box on the right panel). Your comments and interaction are welcome in any format. I do my best to read them all.

Hope you’re well where you are and please enjoy this 61 second teaser of some of the ‘high’-jinks coming during this summer break to Iceland.